What’s the weather like in Trinity, FL 34655? The numbers below represent monthly averages but do not do justice to the variability you’ll find.

Though Trinity is mid-state Florida, it is important to realize the area does experience freezing temperatures (and even hard freezes!) during the winter months of January and February. This lines up closely with the USDA hardiness zone rating of 9b. Remember this when choosing plants!

During the summer months, the area is consistently hot (85 to 95 degrees) with no real break in heat/humidity until the first weekend in October.

The best months to visit are April, May, October, and November when you’ll find comfortable temperatures and moderate to low humidity.

Average Weather in Trinity Florida 34655

Rainfall during the late spring and early summer is heavy with almost daily thunderstorms. These thunderstorms typically form in the afternoons and pass through quickly but drop heavy amounts of precipitation. Because of the heavy rains, warm temperatures, and high humidity, mold is often a significant problem for gardens and lawns.